Fire And Gas

PQD Series Gas Detector

Prosense “PQ” Series fixed gas detectors have been designed and developed for the demanding conditions of the industry to perform continuous measurement of combustible, toxic, asphyxiate, and VOC gases in the environment.

BTN Series Gas Detector

The World’s First EN 50545-1 Certified Car Park System.PROSENSE Car Park Gas Detection System is an affordable
solution for Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and LPG.

Gas Control Panels

Prosense BTN series gas detectors can reliably detect combustible, toxic,
and oxygen gases in light and non-classified areas as a cost-effective

Car Park Gas Detection

Analog,Digital,and Remote Gas Control Systems. With various controller options,Prosense offers complete solution for your gas detection system needs

P Series Gas Detector​

Prosense ATEX/IECEx certified “P” Series fixed gas detectors are designed and developed according to the demanding conditions found in industrial plants to carry out continuous measurement of toxic, explosive and oxygen gases in the air.

PC3 Series Gas Detector

PC3 Series gas detectors can reliably detect flammable, toxic, and oxygen compounds in light industrial environments. PC3 detectors are classified as Zone 2 Category 3 devices.

PE Series Gas Detector

Prosense ATEX/IECEx certified “PE” Series ex-proof gas detectors are designed and developed to detect explosive compounds in many applications as a cost-effective solution.

PE – Kayo Series Gas & Impact Detector

PE-KAYO Series specially designed for the Oil&Gas stations as it has multiple functions. The detector has a special accelerometer chip inside to monitor physical bumps happening on the location where the device
installed along with gas measurement functions. 

PQ with PID Sensor

PID technology is the latest generation of fixed photoionization detectors that continuously detect a wide range of volatile organic
compound (VOC).

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